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I created this simulation in Captivate 8 to walk learners through Trello, a free organizational tool. Click the image to view the demo.

Zombie Survival

This piece was created in Adobe Captivate 8 as a way to use gamification in e-learning. It is far from complete but is a sample of gamification in Captivate. Users go through this lesson to find clues, search for food, shelter, and supplies to stay alive all while answering quiz questions to avoid [...]

Nurse Overview

I designed this short lesson using Articulate Storyline 2 to provide a brief overview of three types of nurses. It is built on a single slide and uses layers to display the content. From the base layer, users click  a nurse profile image to access the appropriate layer which will provide a brief summary [...]

MLK Timeline

This project was created with Articulate Storyline 2. It follows a simple Timeline structure that allows users to go along in any order they like. As you go through the demo you’ll notice the subtle use of transitions between layers to reduce cognitive load and offer users a pleasant viewing and learning experience. [...]